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The latest of the tension controllers’ family of Re Controlli Industriali is T-One, which adds new characteristics such as the compact dimensions and the easiness to use , to the basic functions that have allowed our MW.90.10 to be distributed worldwide.
T-One has been appropriately designed for the web tension control in closed-loop systems.
The core of the T-One tension controller is the P.I.D. algorithm, that, thanks to the continuous researches made by our technicians, has been improved and made faster.
An easy structure interface with 6 buttons and 4 digits, allows to control and set up the desired parameters to obtain the best results.
T-One allows the tension regulation using the load cells or the dancing roller both in unwinding, rewinding and processing.
Depending on the system, we can provide different types of T-One.

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MEGA is a tension controller that integrates a microprocessor control function and the power output to control the Re electromagnetic powder brake. Equipped with only 3 buttons for calibration and programming and one display with a 3 digit reading, it has been designed to be mounted on a DIN rail inside the customer electrical control panel.
The compact size, its simple installation and ease of use make the tension controller MEGA extremely flexible. The P.I.D. control logic results in high performance precision control.
MEGA tension controller has been designed specifically for machines utilising a dancer roll and magnetic powder brakes, but it can also be used with pneumatic brakes or motors, on unwind or rewind applications and with amplified load cells.

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US.3 is an ultrasonic sensor created appropriately to control the web tension in open loop systems.The sensor, emitting an ultrasonic impulse toward the reel, captured the signal reflected by the material and calculates the precise distance from the material.
US.3 gives an analogue signal which directly controls the brake or motor and so regulates the web tension.The ultrasonic sensor US.3 is equipped with an easy structured interface with a led bar and two keys, in order to simplify the calibration and make its operation user friendly.
Easy to use, cheap and accurate, US.3 is the ideal solution for sheeters, bag machines, and slitters rewinders for paper and plastic films.

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Antlia is an electropneumatic converter which help you to obtain highest tension precision of the web; recommented for the  excellent price/performance ratio it can be used on both open-loop systems and closed-loop systems, with pneumatic brake or clutch.
Thanks to its compact dimension (32 x 34 x 64 mm) it can be easily collocated near the brake or the clutch it is connected to, in order to obtain the maximum performance.

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Aries is a potentiometer for the control of the web tension with dancing roller.
It may seem obvious and unimportant, but, for a precise web regulation it is necessary that also this equipment is tough and of quality as the potentiometer ARIES is.
It is easy to install and we can provide it in two versions: with shaft or gear (optional).
The quality and the toughness of ARIES could be perceived by its plastic structure reinforced with fibreglass, aluminium body, steel shaft and IP54 protection.

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T-two is a digital tension controller for the automatic regulation of the web tension; provided with a compact and sturdy case, it has been designed to be mounted on a DIN bar inside the electrical panel of the machine and for those
customers who take care the costs, but without giving up the quality and the precision of our tension controllers.
The core of the web tension controller is the new PID algorithm specifically developed by our engineers to stabilize systems which are not stable.
The control panel of the T-two tension control is equipped with a red led to indicate a fault in the fuse, 3 buttons for the regulation and the management of the desired parameters and a 3 digit display with 7 red segments each to show the value of the web tension and many other information as the setpoint, the speed, the diameter of the roll, etc...
T-two is equipped with two digital outputs, two very adaptable analog outputs which allow the configuration of 12 different modes and ranges and a 0-24V output for the direct management of the electromagnetic powder brakes.
The T-two LB version has been designed to control the splicer systems where it is necessary to control two unwinders which work referring to a unique sensor (load cells or dancing roller); this version is equipped with two independent outputs for the regulation of the brakes.
The T-two LB version is particularly installed on the bottling lines.

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