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Machine for making paper cups M/KB Series are automatic environmetal machine with multiple program structure. The metarials used, such as paper, silicone oil, are completely healthy and environmentally friendly. Our machines are suitable fort he use of SINGLE- AND DOUBLE-SIDED PE COATED paper. It is the ideal equipment fort he production of cups used in every are of your life, providing ease of use with hot and cold beverages.

-4 oz – 7 oz min / 75 – 80 pcs
-8 oz – 12 oz min / 60 – 65 pcs
-LCD touch screen control system
-180-380 gsm PE coated paper
-Hot air
-Bonding of resistance
-8 kw / h
-380 v 50 hz
-No air consumption
-1800 kg
-270cm x 190cm x 170cm ( U x G x Y)