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Resurse Technology.
Commercial and industrial equipment.
PLC programming.
PLC programming and reprogramming of all types of equipment.
A new generation.
Commercial and industrial equipment.
A new technology.
Shrink machines for packing a wide range of standard or pre-printed foil products.

CombiFLEX Brakes

Precisely measuring and keeping constant the tension of a moving web is essential to obtain an high quality product and to maximise productivity.


Expanding Shafts

On the machine unwinders and rewinders and in any application where it is necessary to perform an unwind or rewind of the reel.


Web Viewing

A“Real Time”check of the print quality when the machine is moving,is the main aim to reduce wastes,max. productivity and improve quality.



Re brakes have been studied to guarantee compact dimensions without performance loss.
Compared to brakes on the market, Re Brakes Use a lower rate of materials, which means having reached higher degree of efficiency.

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2. Performance

3. Enviroment respect

4. More efficiency, more reliability, less costs.

5. Mentenance